Moses met with God "face to face" outside the camp in a place called the "Tent of Meeting." King David, spent many days inside the tent he pitched for God at Mt. Zion. There, according to Psalm 27, he sought to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. Do you hunger as well to have a deep, intimate relationship with your Bridegroom God? Markus shares what he has learned about how to develop a lifestyle of intimate prayer. Unlike any book on this subject that you have ever read, The Way of the Bride is sure to challenge everything you think about prayer and inspire you to begin your own journey into the heart of Christ.  
estimated release - Fall 2017
shulamite ministries

Markus Davidson was saved as a teenager and began ministering soon after that on the streets of his hometown. Later he attended and graduated from Christ of the Nations in Dallas, Texas. After working as an office manager for AT&T, he and his wife, Rebecca, took the leap into full time ministry when they founded Rock Hill Christian Fellowship on Passover, 1988. In the year 2000, Markus took a year long sabbatical to seek the Lord and received a life-changing revelation of the covenant love of Jesus from a deep study of the Song of Solomon. In 2010, he wrote Becoming the Beloved through which he began to lay forth what he calls the "Bridal Theology" of the Bible. Since then, Markus has written two subsequent books and a fourth will be published soon. The Davidson's now travel both nationally and internationally teaching and encouraging the emerging Bride of Christ. They continue to serve as pastors of their church as well in White Oak, Texas