I have finally discovered the reason I exist and it is to live as God's Beloved.  Sadly, for most of my Christian life I thought I had been "saved to serve." That is what I had been taught. So, like Martha in the Gospel story, I tried my best to work hard and serve God like a good and faithful servant. All the while I was hoping to be rewarded for my efforts. Then, in the year 2000 while I had drawn aside for a sabbatical rest, I encountered Jesus in a way that was intensely intimate, personal and deeply fulfilling. I was led by the Holy Spirit to study the book of the Song of Solomon and it was there that I finally came to understand why it was that God had saved me; and it wasn't because I was worthless, it was because I was priceless. It was not because He pitied me but because he so passionately desired me. The same is true for you and every human being on earth. That is the message I have carried ever since. It is the message of the romance of Heaven and Earth. It is the revelation of our true identity and destiny as the Bride - the Beloved of Jesus. We are His reward for going to the Cross and when we lay our lives before Him in prayer and heartfelt worship there is no greater calling and no more important work. Martha was burdened down with serving Jesus but Mary sat at His feet and sunbathed in His love. And she, Jesus said, had chosen the one and only thing in the world that had any real importance.
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