I used to hate prayer. I hated it because it seemed like a lot of effort that yielded little results. When I began to study the Song of Solomon, however, something happened to me. A hunger to know, feel and sense the same kind of intimacy, romance and affection I read about in the Song became my soul's quest. What I discovered was a new dimension of prayer that had previously been hidden to me. 

In the Song, the Beloved says "I am my beloved's and he is mine. He feeds among the lilies." While the church is personified as many things (mainly a flock) - the bride of Jesus is personified as a lily. The bride says of herself, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily (Shoshanim) of the valley." When King David was given a vision of the marriage of the Lamb at the end of the age, he wrote about it in Psalm 45. The superscription to that Psalm is actually a dedication to the bride of Jesus since David wrote: "To the Shoshanim" (lily).

What does it mean that Jesus feeds among His lilies? It means he is nourished by our prayers. But I'm not referring to "need based" prayer with its lists of needs and wants - but prayer that seeks an intimate relationship. Feeding implies hunger and hunger implies an empty place that needs to be filled. We often are told that we have a "God shaped hole in our heart that only God can fill." I believe that to be true. I also have come to understand, however, that God also has a hole in his heart and it is shaped like you and me and only we can fill it. Jesus feeds his soul upon our words of love and adoration. When we realize that our devotion to prayer meets the need of Jesus it changes everything.

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